3D hard surface modeling
Get acquainted with the main principles of hard surface design and learn how to create weapons, vehicles, robots, and armor in sci-fi style. After the course you will be able to create original models without relying on other people's work and complete your portfolio with a diploma work - a full-fledged drone model and a sci-fi gun.
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practicing author
4 months
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Based on a survey of 237 students as of 12/05/2023
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About the profession
A hard surface artist is a professional who is skilled in solid modeling, understands object design, and is able to conceive and create 3D sci-fi concepts. Unlike conventional 3D artists, hard surface artists create human-made objects, such as machinery or weapons, from plasma guns to pre-war vehicles. Such specialists are in demand in movies, gamemade or advertising, but they need to be able to create bright, memorable images according to the rules of object design.
Middle hard surface-artist
Senior hard surface artist
Junior hard surface artist
Know how to model and navigate Blender or Maya, but would like to learn design thinking
You are engaged in 3D-modeling at work, but you want to change the vector of your development and learn a new direction in modeling
You know how to model, know the basic buttons in 3D modeling programs and want to structure your knowledge and improve the quality of work to earn more money
You want to learn the principles of object design to create pre-war machinery or futuristic plasma cannons
Love looking at tech in games like Cyberpunk and Subnautica and want to create your own
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Learn more about the profession
f you have questions, leave your contacts. We will contact you, ask you questions and determine your level. And then we'll tell you if the course is right for you and what kind of job you can get after the course.
What you'll learn
For example, cannons, mines, grenades, turrets, and more.
From scratch and with universal design principles in mind.
With a statement silhouette, contrasting shapes and layered pieces
In ZBrush, Fusion 360, and Marvelous Designer.
Create expressive models of weapons
Coming up with sci-fi-3D concepts.
To come up with memorable images
Work in programs
We emphasize practice, so during the course you'll learn how to work from the pipelines of real studios, assemble a cool portfolio, and get constructive feedback.


There are no theorists among our teachers, only practitioners with years of experience and industry fame. Here you can read about each of them. Spoiler: they are all cool and know a lot about modern technology.

Trained at Hyundai in Germany, took part in the design of two production cars. Made concepts of aerial vehicles and environments for movies and advertisements in the sci-fi genre. Now works as a freelancer.

At the course he also teaches a master class on car design.
George Frye


He has been creating 3D models for more than seven years. He has worked on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Love, Death & Robots, Subnautica, the movie "Outpost", and many other projects. For the last four years he has dedicated his time to Hard Surface.
Shaiming Ma
Author of course
material and methodology

Winner of AMD Design Award 2021. 5 years working in design, 1.5 of them - teaching the basics of composition, light and color theory.
Kevin Deluna



Post-training portfolio
from $3,000
Hard surface artist
Pumped up design thinking
2 works in portfolio
After the course, you will be able to create original models from scratch with little or no reliance on other people's work.
A model drone and futuristic cannon that will make a compelling argument to future employers and customers.
Program skills
During the training, you'll work with ZBrush, Fusion 360, and Marvelous Designer.