Texturing 3D models
4 months
Master Substance Painter and Substance Designer, learn how to create procedural textures for game levels, environments, weapons, props and clothing from scratch and become a texture artist. You don't have to know how to model - the course will give you some fully texture-ready items.
level of knowledge:
For beginners
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About the profession
A texture artist is a specialist who can create realistic textures for game levels, environments and assets, such as weapons, clothing elements and props. Especially in demand are artists who can create procedural textures - they greatly speed up production on large projects and allow you to quickly get a large library of materials. Such specialists can work in games, movies, architectural visualization, VR and many other areas where realistic graphics need to be created.
Middle texture artist
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Junior texture artist
The course is suitable for you if you
New to gamemade, don't know how to model and want to learn an in-demand skill to start earning right away.
3D modeler and want to learn how to create expressive textures and materials for your work.
Working as a texturer, you want to structure your knowledge and improve the quality of your work to earn more and get more interesting and challenging orders.
Learn more about the profession
If you have questions, leave your contacts. We will contact you, ask you questions and determine your level. And then we'll tell you if the course is right for you and what kind of job you can get after the course.
What you'll learn
To intelligently present 3D models for a portfolio.
Create wallpaper, paint, brick or pavers materials.
For example, weapons, clothing, or elements of the environment.
Use nodes to create 5 procedural textures.
Figuring out Marmoset
Working in Substance Designer
Texture ready models in Substance Painter
Customize materials in Unreal Engine
We emphasize practice, so during the course you'll learn how to work from the pipelines of real studios, assemble a cool portfolio, and get constructive feedback.
There are no theorists among our teachers, only practitioners with many years of experience and renown in the industry. Anton Ageyev is no exception.

Anton has worked with Nival, Game Insight, FuryLion, Playrix, Crazy Panda. He participated in the creation of Blitzkrieg 3, X-Mercs, World of Tanks, Gardenscapes, Stellar Age.
David Cothren

Author of course material and methodology


Post-training portfolio
Texture artist
Five ready-made textures
Four textured assemblies
Create wallpaper, paint, wood, brick, paving stone materials and you can apply them for texturing.
You can add a bolster, hammer, canister and mailbox to your portfolio and impress a customer or employer.
Skills for working in a game studio, movie or VR environment
Program skills
After our course you will have the skills and portfolio with which you can safely try out as a texturer or increase your check if you can model.
You'll learn Substance Painter to texture assemblies, and Substance Designer to create material or procedural textures.