Master Blender in just 1.5 months, learn to work with 3D at a basic level and prepare for the advanced course.
level of expertise:
Training from an instructor who has worked on Bowmaster and Tank Stars
4 months
August 7
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Hypercasual games are not games for "gamers" but for everyone. If on a bus or subway you see someone playing on their phone, then most likely they are playing a hypercage.
In hypercage, one person can very well act as an artist, programmer, and designer. So if you want to learn how to make games, hypercage is the perfect place to start.
This course is just right for systematizing all the steps. There is practically no entry threshold: you don't need to draw, code or be an advanced analyst. You just need to want to make games. Your first testers will be XYZ teachers, friends and family. We will teach you how to use a minimal set of software, so that you can make a game from start to finish.


There are no theorists among our teachers, only practitioners.
Eight years in gamedev. He was the lead game designer at VooDoo studio, as well as head of the game design department at Playgendary, where he worked on Bowmaster and Tank Stars - each with 200,000,000 installations.
John Y. Field


The course is right for you if you're
You want to make hyper casual games and make money at it.
Want to start a career in gamedev and looking for an easy direction to start.
course objective
To teach you how to create hypercasuals and simple games from scratch, to understand the full cycle of product creation in the game industry. On the course you'll learn everything you need from market analysis to publishing on Google Play.
25 learning blocks
+ 21 homework
amount of material
pre-recorded lectures
August 7
start of training
You'll make a full-blown hypercasual game from scratch in 4 months - all without programming skills, cumbersome software, or gamemaking experience.
+ homework check
what you'll be doing on the course
Find and test good ideas before development starts
Choosing mechanics
Monetize the game
Animate characters and find free animations
Make a beautiful game interface and manage the player's attention with it
Compose creatives, test hypotheses through advertising, plan game updates
Putting games on GooglePlay and preparing them for release


Mobile portfolio game
Ability to make money from your game
Unity skills
You'll develop it from scratch, release it on the app store, gather analytics and feedback, refine it, and plan for updates.
Learn to think in numbers and calculate the financial model of the game to make it profitable.
It is the most popular game engine in the world of mobile games.
and this is where our graduates got jobs
About games, economics and finding ideas
Learn why some games make millions and others nothing. Learn how to find and test good ideas before development starts. You'll understand how to create a beautiful looking game using several important principles.
Game mechanics and monetization
You will make the main mechanics of your game and perfect it, get acquainted with additional mechanics. Learn what your game can earn from and how to add monetization.
Working in Unity and minor mechanics
Learn how to animate characters and find free animations. Learn the basics of physics in the game, create and customize ragdoll and special effects. Learn how to build secondary mechanics into the game using visual programming.
Interface, feedback and testing
Learn how to make a beautiful game interface and manage the player's attention with it. Learn how to properly reward the player within gameplay, test the game and make changes.
Meta games and monetization
You'll learn what a meta is and come up with your own, customize it through Bolt. Get your game to perfection, learn how to create content that will influence the income from your game.
Advertising SDK integration, analytics and game publishing
Learn how to build a "money generator" into your game, why you need analytics and how to use them. You will learn how to upload games to GooglePlay and prepare them for release.
Promotion of the game, statistics gathering, analysis and planning
Understand how Facebook advertising works, how to create and test creatives. Learn what to do with the game next, learn how to plan updates based on the collected data.
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