Game Design. Creating a game from idea to prototype
4 months
Learn practical skills to work in a AAA studio or on your own project: learn to prototype engines, work with documentation, generate ideas, create game worlds and mechanics.
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About the profession
A game designer comes up with game mechanics and develops the rules by which the game world lives, such as deciding how many types of enemies there will be in the game and what their abilities will be. The work of a game designer is much like that of a movie director: in addition to the structure of the game, he also thinks about the game experience and decides what emotions each scene will evoke. Such specialists are in demand on the market and earn good money, and they can also cooperate on outsourcing with large global companies.
Middle game designer
Senior Game Designer
Junior game designer
The course is suitable for you if you
You love games and dream of starting a career in gamemaking, but don't know where to start. You don't need any additional knowledge and skills - we will teach you everything.
Just started game design and want to structure your knowledge and learn new skills
Already working in gamedev, but want to pump up your skills and increase your value to your employer.
f you have questions, leave your contacts. We will contact you, ask you questions and determine your level. And then we'll tell you if the course is right for you and what kind of job you can get after the course.
Learn more about the profession
Tired of monotonous work and want to build a career in gamemade, but not familiar with game development.
You work as an indie developer and want to create a meaningful game, not just another timekiller.
What you'll learn
For example, drafting TORs for programmers, as well as an AI combat passport and AI combat scenario.
Add dummies, animations and movement mechanics, as well as weapons and reloads for them.
Organize personal tasks and collaborative tasks with a team, communicate and work effectively in a real studio environment.
To do this, you'll have to understand the psychology of the players, calculate the balance correctly and work with math.
Writing documentation
Create prototypes in Unreal Engine 4
Pay attention to detail
We emphasize practice, so during the course you'll learn how to work from the pipelines of real studios, assemble a cool portfolio, and get constructive feedback.
There are no theorists among our teachers, only practitioners with many years of experience and renown in the industry. Sergey Prazdnichnov is no exception. You can read about his experience here.

Eric specializes in system and combat design. He started with mobile studios, then moved to Sperasoft. He worked on Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin's creed: Valhalla and other AAA projects from various studios.
Eric Mendez

Game designer


Post-training portfolio
Game designer
Prototype game level
Weapon prototype on Unreal Engine 4
He'll have several locations and combat encouters - you can impress your future employer.
Like a shotgun. Model for prototyping with us.
Project skills
Detailed documentation on the boss
You will learn how to work in a team and also get acquainted with the pipeline of creating game levels to apply this knowledge on your project.
A passport, a pattern of combat behavior, a set of items for attacks, movements, and actions.